Unit InformationEdit

0471 jama
Name Explosion Flame Master Jarma
Rarity Cost 8
Attribute Fire Affiliation Fenrir's Fang
Weapon Type Wand Attack Type Magic
How to obtain Normal Summon, Rare Summon (All Areas)

Attack InformationEdit

Deathblow Stardust Shooter I drenched the rain of fire bullets to the enemy over
Secret Technique Meteor Rain I crush the enemy in the meteorite group drenched
Leader Skill The power of fire All fire units attack power is increased by 20%
Passive Skill Intermediate cane surgery All weapon type wand attack power is increased by 3%
Story would be open upon gaining the unit
Passive Skill 2 - -

Status ResistanceEdit

Jyoutaiijyou 1
Jyoutaiijyou 2
Jyoutaiijyou 3
Jyoutaiijyou 4
Jyoutaiijyou 5
Jyoutaiijyou 6
Weak Weak - Weak Weak Weak

Unit StatusEdit

Initial Max Level 40 Additional HP 500
Initial HP 1580 Maximum HP 7100
Initial Attack 570075100000000 Maximum Attack 5840
Initial Defense 720 Maximum Defense 4080
Additional Attack 200 Additional Defense 200

Evolution MarterialEdit